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Save energy
Tankless Water Heaters by Low Energy Systems

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Hot Water

Is your furnace running all summer to provide hot water for your house?
Do you always keep your water hot when you are away from home?
Do you always keep your car running so it is ready to go?

You would not consider leaving your car running but most of you keep heating water when you don't need it. To make matters worse, most of you are also heating your home or basement all summer while your air conditioning is on.


Check your hot water heater. Is it oil, gas or electric? Do you have a separate tank type heater or is your boiler always hot?
Check the temperature setting. Is it on the lowest setting? If not set it lower. Your savings will be substantial.


If your hot water heater is electric you can always turn it off. It is also simple and cheap to have a timer installed. But if it is on its' last legs, don't bother. Replace it with a Tankless Water Heaters.

If you heat your water with gas and only have a small tank you have some time. The price of gas usually lags that of oil by six months or more. But if it needs replacement check out tankless water heaters before buying another tank type heater.

If your boiler supplies your hot water you know you are burning money all summer. If you have gas you won't feel the pain for a number of months. If you are using oil, don't wait. At $4.50 a gallon an average tank of oil is over $1,000! Get a tankless water heaters now!

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Save energy!
Help your budget.
Help our planet.

Save on hot water

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