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 Saving Money

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Saving Money

At Delphi Real Estate we find and sell homes. But, we feel we have further obligations to you. Thousands of visitors have come to Delphi Realty.Org for information on buying and selling real estate. With taxes and energy costs exceeding mortgages for many of you we think you will have to learn to save money running your home.

Having managed properties ranging from condominiums trough commercial and even a 35,000 square foot club house we have learned a great deal about saving money. Now we are ready to pass this information on to our friends

Taxes and Energy

Assuming you bought your home with a fixed rate mortgage there are two major variables for you to worry about, taxes and energy. Depending on where you live, one or the other will be higher and be the larger problem.

Real estate taxes have been rising 4% - 5% per year and can be 1% - 2% of the property value each year. Assuming the same rate of growth in your community the tax increases will escalate only a small amount.

Energy, (heat, light etc.) can account for another for another 1% - 2%. In many areas energy rose slower than real estate taxes.

In the future energy may rise at a much steeper rate. That is why we started this section. We plan to link to sites the will help you save energy. We will also try to keep you informed about factors that will affect your energy costs in the future.


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